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This work was created over the last few years.  Broadly, it is an examination of our cultural and sociopolitical landscapes.  But more closely, it is an exploration into the most honest, flawed aspects of humanity - an attempt to capture the selfish, disgusting, perverse creatures that we can be.  It speaks to the underbelly of human nature.  


It is not intended to be pretty; pretty misses the point.  I aim to capture a wholly different kind of beauty.  I explore this working portrait of beauty by means of crude exaggeration.  I try to portray issues in a way that is stretched so far beyond reality that we arrive at some level of truth that otherwise gets missed.  In that, there can be honesty.  I don’t think things can be seen for what they really are until they are brought to such extreme versions of themselves that there is no choice but to face their innate truth.  It is there that a certain beauty lives.


I am not after approval; nor do I do this in hopes of this work being something with which anyone will agree.  I do this simply because I need to.  It is an outlet for the frustrations I hold with the things that are incalculably beyond my control - the things for which I have no answer. 

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